„More than three hours full of emotions and feelings of happiness“ – new mix and release by Pascale Voltaire


trndmsk: The summer is over and you have played countless gigs. Among them were some festivals. Was there a highlight for you?

Pascale Voltaire: Unfortunately the summer is over and I’m still overwhelmed! I had the chance to play outstanding gigs, meet a lot of (new) friends and played at several festivals including „Feel Festival“, „Mit Dir“, „Wilde Möhre“, „Lichtalben“, „Natürlich Irre“, „Mellowjam“, „Cirque De La Lune“, „Forest Jump“ and a Secret Festival in Brandenburg. Normally I don’t like to name my favorites but the „Mit Dir Festival“ was definitely one of my highlights this summer!

Why was the Mit Dir Festival a highlight for you?

There are several reasons. The setting was just beautiful! I spent the whole festival with a lot of friends, because I’m in the meantime very close with the MIT DIR collective. This is why it felt like a weekend with friends. Over the years, I have also been able to follow the development of the festival and I must say I was impressed. Playful decoration with attention to detail, a very familiar atmosphere and super powerful sound systems on the floors were just some of the reasons that this was my highlight. Oh, I almost forgot the most important reason: I had the honor to play the closing of the festival! But don’t get me wrong, that does not mean that the other festivals were not a great experience either.

You played the closing. Did you prepare yourself especially for it? Or was it a set like any other?

That was definitely not like any other set! I think I’ve never been so incredibly excited and nervous before. I was even a little scared, I would say. There was a tremendous pressure on my shoulders, because after all, I was supposed to be the last act the guests at this festival got to hear. This feeling has accompanied me since the moment I entered the festival area on Thursday. That didn’t make the preparations for the set easier, because I really didn’t know what to prepare for. Even my friends didn’t recognize me when I walked to the DJ Booth. I have not been so quiet for a long time. Not even the sparkling wine helped.
What happened then is and still is incomprehensible to me. More than 3 hours full of emotions and feelings of happiness, so that today I still get goose bumps.

There have been a few releases by you. Some with Stil vor Talent act Boy Next Door. Beside your free download „Who I Am“ there was a remix for Thomas Maschitzke’s „Insecure“ on Suspekt Records last Friday. How is it that you do so many things together?

We are good friends for some years and played several B2B sets. In the beginning we mostly played spontaneously but gradually we wanted to play some gigs together and are now booked by promoters for B2Bs. We quickly realized that we complement each other musically and personally we are on the same wavelength. So it was only a matter of time until we do things together in the studio. We also launched a new project called „ilu & aaye“ last year and have produced a few releases under this pseudonym, including on Stil Vor Talent.

The open air season is over, the club season starts. Which season do you prefer?

Puh that’s a hard question though! Actually, I am a typical summer child and like to dance outside but I also love dirty club nights. I can’t answer that exactly. After the open air season, I’m looking forward to the club season but also vice versa.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

This has been a very exhausting year so far and I have worked a lot so it takes me a few weeks now on vacation. Afterwards I’m touring again through Europe with gigs in Malta, Switzerland, Austria but of course also in Germany. In addition, at least one more EP is planned for this year. So stay tuned!

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