„I tried to find a new rhythm for my track“ – Arude releases his EP „Apophenia“

arude aphophenia album art

trndmsk: What inspired „Apophenia“?

Arude: It was my usual day off. I woke up, made a coffee, and started working in my studio. I don’t normally look for any inspiration, I just love to do it – writing music has become my habit.

Where and how did you record it? Tell us about the process, any cool tricks you did in Ableton, hardware used, etc.

I tried to find a new rhythm for my track. I guess I made it quickly. But the main thing was to create a dynamic track with a beautiful synthesizer in the lead roles. It was very difficult for me. I spent several days until I found the necessary sound.

I didn’t want to fall into any certain genre frames. The main thing my idea was to write a track with some kind of message for people. I wanted to come up with something unusual that each person when listening to track can imagine something of their own, that he cares about, what did he go through and what he feeling.

I always try to constantly use the „Haas effect“ on the main synth of each track. In almost every track, I use the Diva synthesizer. As you can hear in my tracks with the „Apophenia EP“, I work with the arpeggio module inside this synthesizer, constantly changing the decay rate. I think this is a very cool and unusual thing. I often check the track in mono and use at least three monitoring sources. I do not use an analog synthesizer to write my tracks. I want to say that I’m 23 years old and I’m still learning how to write music and every day I try to find something unusual for my sound.

How did your relationship start with Desert Hearts Black?

I first met Evan Casey last year on Facebook. He sent me a message with a couple of collaborations with Rinzen. After that, he offered for me to record a podcast for his show. The rest is history. After some time, he wrote to me that he and the Desert Hearts team were going to do the Desert Hearts Black sub-label and asked me to write something for them. I immediately liked their idea, what they are doing, and how they relate this to their work. I am grateful to all team for their attitude towards my release and for believing in my music.

What’s your favorite track on this EP and why?

This is a tough question – many of my friends like the vocal track „Longing For Desire“ with Vanice, other friends like „Apophenia“. It seems to me that each track has its advantages and disadvantages. 

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

My next release will be a remix on the Kitchen Records, and I’m also working on a couple other new tracks.