Mysterious and not fully explored area – Marek Napiórkowski releases a new album

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The title of the new album by Marek Napiórkowski refers to the mysterious and not fully explored area, which is the human brain. Similarly, set in the original sound context, the guitarist’s new music is a spectrum of mysterious and non-obvious colors. “Hipokamp” is an album combining sophisticated jazz improvisations with the world of electronic sound structures, progressive rock, ethno, funk and intriguing dialogues of percussion instruments. The premiere Trio, based on the sounds of an electric guitar, various analog synthesizers (Jan Smoczyński) and stylishly sounding drums (Paweł Dobrowolski), Napiórkowski decided to enrich with the presence of multi-percussionists – Brazilian Luis Ribeiro. The special guest who will appear on the album is – Adam Pierończyk – a jazz saxophonist renowned in Europe and around the world.

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