The first release as a solo artist – Saite Zwei publishes EP “Summer Solo” on Free At Last

Saite Zwei - Summer Solo - Cover Art

“Summer Solo” is the first release of Saite Zwei as a solo artist after the duo split up at the beginning of the year. The Wismar-based musician has remained faithful to the melodic style and created a track, which radiates both warmth and fatness. Playful, sweet-sounding arpeggios meet powerful beats, fat drops and sizzling bass pads. Overall, the sound is very organic and the story never gets boring. Relation to familiar sounds creates a minimalistic used voice sample and a jazzy trumpet. The EP will be released on October 18th on Free At Last Records.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Saite Zwei: “Summer Solo” is my first release as a solo artist after separating from my former colleague last year. In the meantime, of course, there have been a few changes that are causing such decisions. After the new studio had been set up (the old one was simply too fat for me on the rental side), production started to be very productive again. The song was also the first to come out at this time and therefore has a more personal meaning for me.

Where did you record it? And how?

I actually worked for me quite classically. I almost always build drum and bass sounds with my Analog Rytm from Elektron. Otherwise, I mainly use software Synthis like the u-he Diva, but also very simple tools like the operator of Ableton Live etc. and then play around on my Novation SL MK3, until something happens, what I feel. New to me is the work with dynamic EQs, which has shortened my effect chains extremely. Brilliant weapon when it comes to mixing.

With the remix, it was again a sweet story. I’ve been working very cool for over 1.5 years with my label manager Tobias “Tobi” Schmidt from Kontor New Media. Almost the main contact to my sales. And one fne day, he mentioned that he also makes music and sit in the studio with his old colleague. He then sent me links from his own publications and I immediately laughed because I knew and liked some of them for years and never had a clue that he was the creator. (Hint: Audision – Yellow Sunset (also very nice in the Robag Wruhme remix version). And so it came about that the track here got a remix by Tobias Schmid (Audision)
and Michael “Lance” Schmidt (Anajo), together Vacation Boys.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Directly next to me on my label is the release of the EP by Jonas Fritz. Talented young man. For the EP, I also contributed a remix. Another EP, together with Yannek Maunz, is almost fnished and more are planned. With the guys from Innacircle, which I discovered recently, releases are planned. Metatext is currently busy with a remix for me. With the Singer Song Writer Sebastian Block I’m working on a vocal song and and and. I am well busy.