The mystical encounter of „Mercury“ and „Neptune“ – Santi releases his new EP on Amselcom

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Rhythmic patterns arise from the overlapping rotation of planets around the sun. These rhythms are harmonic and dissonant. They create beginnings and apocalypses. They are silent and loud. They glide through dark matter of the cosmos like chemicals down a funnel: merging, collapsing, morphing, exploding.

Out of all these planetary movements, there is one couple that has shaped the sonic matter of Alquimia Solar: the mystical encounter of „Mercury“ and „Neptune“. These planets inhabit the thresholds of the solar system. They intercept the full electromagnetic spectrum of the sun and a myriad of mysterious signals from the vastness of outer space. „Mercury“ flows like liquid, as the metal of thought, materializing fiction into form. „Neptune“ orbits cold, like a supercomputer of the spirit realm, conjuring worlds, simulating impossible physical laws.

What happens when these two planets cross paths? When liquid metal spills into an absolute-zero dream-chip, when cold meets heat, when illusion greets matter? Santi explores these questions in a language more ancient than words.

Subsonic frequencies disrupt the fabric of space. Incessant noise bends the linearity of time. Viscous harmonies entangle the cosmic swirl. Geplantes Nichtstun and Acid Pauli join Santi and fuse their own potion to the mix in this ever-changing solar alchemy. Jan Kalab’s „Blue Sun“ in the cover art captures the intersection of elements depicted in this album.

Get the EP here.

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the remix?

Geplantes Nichtstun: Ever since i was in contact with Andreas from Amselcom, he knew that i was eager to remix something for his label. Recently he showed me Santi’s „Alquimia Solar“ EP and i was immediately caught by the vibes of this track. 30 minutes after i received the stems from him i sent him a raw sketch back. During the whole process of remixing my inspiration was triggered again and again. During the project there was the idea to change the remix for the other track, but i was already deeply involved with „Neptunio“.

How did you approach the original track?

„Neptunio“’s main element is a bleepy synth line and some really nice percussion. First i had to pitch it down for like 15 BPM to fit the parts into my workflow and open the track up for more elements to add.

Where and how did you produce it?

Most of my tracks are written with Ableton Live in my bedroom studio at home. I mostly use Software and play my melodies on a midi keyboard. After completing the arrangement i take each track to Marcel at Audiolager in Bern. He is a real genious in sound design and took my production on another level. besides that he is a really wonderful person that is a pleasure to work with. His dedicates his work life to the perfection of audio signals and im glad to have him by my side.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

My old friend Nikosh was in contact with Rafaele Castiglione from Amselcom. He gave them a hint about my work and i got contacted by the label soon after. From my release history you will notice that Amselcom was the first contact to the outside world of my music. I am glad that other labels from the downtempo universe took notice of this and now i am collaborating with several other outlets.

What’s up next after the release?

Soon after the Amselcom release there will be a release on Serafin Audio Imprint with remixes by Iorie and Arutani. Another single track release is coming soon on Monada while the second Ep on Amselcom is planned with a Xique Xique remix. Meanwhile i am looking forward to my first gig in Berlin, where we celebrate the release of „Alquimia Solar“ at Mensch Meier.

Are you working on other projects?

Besides my solo projects i am working on several remixes and always enjoy to collaborate with Band from the region around me. You can watch my SoundCloud to stay up to date about this. With some friends we have founded an association to organise musical events in the nature. Furthermore i am taking part in a group that is doing ecstatic dance events in Bern. If you like you can search for Daniel Imhof’s Soulrave set on SoundCloud.

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