A place with limitless identities and stories – Ladino Romance presents a collection called “This is Anatolia”

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Ladino Romance‘s newest release “This is Anatolia” is a special place with limitless identities and stories. In this compilation you will hear four unique stories from talented acts from Anatolia: Beyhude, Cihangir Cinar, Dogus Cihan and Serken Eles. We talked with label boss Menachem 26 about this special EP.

trndmsk: How did you get the idea for the release?

Menachem 26: Ladino Romance is all about love, crossing of cultures and binding them with music. Anatolia as a land definitely has this since almost the beginning of humanity. Infinite stories took place on these lands. So i thought for Ladino Romance it’s definitely a must to do such a release.

How many demos did you get for this release?

Well i specifically aimed for the artists. I made a shortlist and these 4 names were in it.

What’s special about the release?

The reason i also wanted to make this EP is that i wanted to spread out some talented names form my homeland and i believe this is an occasion for many listeners to meet with acts with high potential.

Why did you decide to start a record label? In an age of streaming: How difficult is it to establish a record label in these days?

I think to establish a label and put out your music in the digital world is definitely a blessing for everyone. BUT the easy access to this blessing is of course causing a problem of population. There are many many releases coming out eveyrweek and it’s getting to stand out with your release. And some unsucces

What about passion? Do you need passion to establish a record label?

I think it’s a must especially considering the fact that it’s not a profitable business at all. But it’s definitely worth the effort you are giving.

Have you already planned your next releases?

An EP from talented newcomer Gone is on the way. A great house/downtempo blend. Also one of my favorite Edit act German/Turkish Kurt Adam did a great deserty, groovy downtempo track which is already remixed by dear friend Kraut.


01. Dogus Cihan – Sobremesa
02. Serkan Eles – Zeval
03. Cihangir Çınar – Safderun
04. Son Anadolu – Parsi

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