Tribal drones and syncopated drum rhythms – Depaart’s new EP on Last Night On Earth


Last Night On Earth‘s release 115 comes courtesy of Spanish duo Depaart. Leading with “Migrate”, an expanse of earthy percussion rhythms over tribal drones and syncopated drum rhythms that build slowly with arpeggiating synths and haunting vocals. “Malvants” drives in with a deep, steady 4/4 kick and a subby, swelling low end. Tight drum programming and freaky synth loops brighten and subdue between the deeper sections of the track.

“Sunk” plays melodically with interjections of synth lead across a slow-moving drum groove of Depaart’s organic, signature sounds. The drop builds into the final section with an expressive synthesizer that dominates the forefront of this stellar record. The package is neatly topped off with a blazing electro remix of the lead track from Kiwi who reworks with force.

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