trndmsk Future Stars #46: Amir Telem – A Journey through the Israeli Burn


The 46th edition of our Future Stars series is called “A Journey through the Israeli Burn” and comes from Amir Telem.

trndmsk: Amir, what can we look forward to in the next few minutes? 

Amir Telem: I prepared a downtempo, melodic, emotional set for you. I included a few originals. Thanks for this opportunity and I hope you’ll enjoy my work. 

When did you record the set? What surrounded you at the time?

This set was recorded and played live during the Contra Burn festival 2019, Israel. It was sunset time. I was just a few meters from the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water. 

How did you choose the tracks? Did you make a plan before the gig?

I was inspired by downtempo sets of my talented DJ/Producers friends: Janoma and Mustafa Ismaeel.

How would you describe the atmosphere during your performance?

Beautiful and happy. Nature and many smiles. 

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix? 

Yes, the 2nd track: Sképson with “Taumel”. Simply magical. Thank you for that piece. 

What three songs do you tend to use in your current sets?

Amir Telem – Words from The Spiritual World (El Mundo & Zazou Remix) [Kindisch]
Julian Wassermann – Human [Parquet]
Elfenberg – Kigelia [Stil vor Talent]

Summer is over. What moments or festivals do you like to remember?

Internally, I remember moments of divine grace, where things seemed to be aligned and there were no fear, just hope. Externally, During Contra Burn Festival, we worked all night long in building from scratch one amazing sound-camp, where we played and partied for the next couple of nights.  

What are your near future projects? Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, I’m devoting more time and effort into music production. I have a few more releases planned for the next few months (including in trndmsk Records). I hope to master my music and also, to go deeper in my spiritual practice. If I’ll manage to stay connected spiritually, the music will go through me as an instrument. 

DOWNLOAD for YouTube lovers or SoundCloud lovers (Hypeddit / The Artist Union)
(MP3, 320 kBit/s, 1:40:31 Min., 134,9 MB)

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