DEAS: „My machines are still my biggest inspirations“

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DEAS, based in Cracow/Poland, born in Greece is a music producer and DJ, who is fast becoming one of Techno’s most exciting breakthrough artists originating from Eastern Europe. He creates music without boundaries, in which psychedelics and raw, heavy Techno is balanced to perfection with memorable, warm but yet deep melodies. His hard work is presently coming into a full effect with the releases of a number of labels ranging from Pan-Pot’s Second State, through Bush Records, OFF Recordings to Kevin Sanderson’s KMS Records and Planet Rhythm. And while maintaining high production output for respected labels, he also receives well deserved recognition around Europe, with recent appearances at Kompass and Labirynth in Belgium, Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos in Berlin to name few.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce your latest release called „Rush“ EP released on Quartz Records?

DEAS: My machines are still my biggest inspirations. It’s the dialog I have with my instruments and an effect is how this works for me. Final effect of these conversations is finished tracks. I have to say that sometimes conversation ends without conclusion of the day but most of the time I’m happy with musical communication we have.

Where did you record it? And how?

I have my studio at my house, which is located near Cracow. I have built the studio acoustic adjustment in space that is separated from leaving part. Location is good I’m isolated somehow isolated from weekly city life and can focus on studio but also close enough that commuting to other cities or countries during weekends is easy. 85% of all the sounds in my tracks are coming from analog synthesizers like Virus, Elektron Analog Rytm, Roland Sh-101, clone of TB-303, modular system and so on. I mix my tracks via summing mixer and set of the effects including compressor, equalizers etc.

And how did you get in contact with the record label?

In case if my latest release for Paul Rich we have played at the same party in Wroclaw some time ago. We’ve spend together some time and talked about music, technology, inspirations. We stayed in touch after this and when I had some new tracks that I thought might fit to Quartz I just have sent them to Paul. In the end he has picked 3 out of 5 that I’ve sent for this EP.

What’s up next after the release?

I tour constantly every single weekend around Europe or in Poland as a dj which I love as much as makin music. As for the music alone I have my next releases for MATERIA, Planet Rhythm and Second State. I still try to find a nice home for other not yet signed music which is waiting to be released.

And which gigs in the last months of 2019 or early 2020 are you particularly looking forward to?

I will soon have my debut in Switzerland and by the way it will also be my first visit, I’m really looking forward to it. There is also many other cool gigs scheduled before that happens including e Cologne, Brussels, Hamburg, Warsaw, Poznan, Sopot.

Your live videos from Audio River Festival premiered by MIXMAG UK are really impressive, how does it feel to play in front of such a big audience?

Audioriver is an amazing festival, many of my colleagues & friends are there. It’s one of the brightest festival points in Poland. I feel there every time comfortable and happy. Before the gig I felt a bit stressed but full of energy and people were really cool, so in the end I felt very good.

Are you working on any other projects?

DEAS is my main project. In addition, I have this „hybrid live” project Blooma rolling nicely with friend “A_gim” which is second thing. We also release music under this alias. Besides it I’m also doing mixing and mastering services. For example, at this moment I’m also doing sound design for a video game.

In your home country Poland you were awarded as the best Techno DJ. You also spend a lot of time in the studio – how do you manage this balancing act?

You know, what I’m doing now it was always my dream. To a Dj is more of a weekend job where besides playing music I also can socialize a bit with friend from different cities and countries. Music production is my weekday job or a “day job”. At this moment this set up works perfectly for me. On top I take care about my healthy diet, exercise, good sleep and family time.

What do you wish for 2020?

I hope that I will able to improve and make better and better projects… high quality art.

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