Leisure Music Productions: “New and unexpected developments arise all the time, so we see them as challenges and take them as they come”

Leisure Music Productions is an independent music label based in Vienna Austria, interested in reaching people around the world to bring them the best quality sound. Experienced in all kinds of music genres, the founders of Leisure Music share their love for deep and progressive house, electro and dance. Connecting with lots of love the ability to dance “BEAT” and the deep understanding of “MELODY” they offer a broad spectrum of intelligent, universal and profound music.

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trndmsk: Who is behind the name and what is the philosophy behind the label?

The name behind the label is Ms. Ines Guelmami know also under her artist name Inessa. Inessa is originally half Austrian / half Tunisian and since a very young age fell in love with electronic music. She started raving and breathing the sound in the late 90ies when Techno become a movement with the Berlin Love Parade. INESSA sees herself as a world citizen, who is deeply inspired by her journeys and the people that come with it. She lived in Paris, London and New York City while finishing her studies. At the moment she resides in Vienna/Austria, where she founded the label Leisure Music Productions. She is an organizer of various electronic events and also a DJane. In terms of electronic genre she is mostly intrigued by organic vibes in: Deep House, Progressive House, Deep Tech and Melodic Techno as well as Afro House.

Inessa’s dream from a very young age on was to produce her own music and to release it on her own label. After her mother lost the fight to cancer Inessa decided to found the label in her loving memory. Leisure as being the integral part in combination with the lion logo. Leisure for all things being beautiful and enjoyable that one can lean back in life and relax. The lion stands for Inessa’s temperament and drive: personal power, strength, self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness as well as family oriented and protective. The Leisure Music Productions label sees itself as a big tribe or family where the label’s artists come together, connect, help each other and grow together. It is international, transparent and open minded for new ideas and connects its people.

New to the label is Inessa’s new partner. Darksidevinyl works now on the label as new head of A&R and also is responsible for all creative and artistic productions that come with it as well as all technical aspects.

Have you made mistakes in retrospect?

Sure. The last years in terms of figuring out the right outlets of promotion for our releases. It really came down to a trial and error principle, because I do have a degree in International Marketing but music business wise I had to learn a lot. I started from scratch and learning by doing I slowly figured out what was working what not. This of course did cost money and a lot of time to research and readjust. But now I am in the position to say that we figured out a very streamlined process a boutique label to gain recognition and support in the community.

In review, what was an essential step in the development of Leisure Music Productions?

The most important and essential step so far in the development of the label is the implementation of my new head of creative development and music production and partner Darksidevinyl aka Mido Maher.


What are the current difficulties as a label operator compared to the past years?

The label has been around now for aprox for 1,5 years and I would never say that we encounter difficulties. New and unexpected developments arise all the time, so we see them as challenges and take them as they come. Step by step.

How important are streaming platforms like Spotify, itunes and Deezer for your label’s direction?

Streaming platforms are very important, because they generate sales in the long run and big playlist and their curators are tastemakers for the industry. So it is one of our goals to connect with these people on a personal level.

The sound of Leisure Music Productions has a pretty clear direction – what is the rough musical concept behind it?

We offer a broader spectrum of electronic music but concentrate on an organic vibe mostly within the following genres: Deep House, Progressive House, Deep Tech and Melodic Techno as well as Afro House.

The music we release maintains an upbeat and positive vibe, where people can enjoy, dance and feel happy and free. Leisure Music J You will not find something to dark and hard sounding in our spectrum of releases.

And how are the artists and their tracks selected?

Artists are either referred to us by our friends and colleagues in the electronic music industry or everyone that thinks is a fit for our label can apply normally via email. We keep an open mind and feature both already known artists as well as newcomers that need a family to grow. Furthermore I listen constantly to new music out there and if I like something I just write to the artist in question.

After the current release of Jackie Komutatsu with the sonorous name Aura and remixes of Darksidevinyl and Acado, what’s up next for the label?

This year the label focuses more on EP releases. So we decided to release less than last year. I am very happy to say, that we will come out with 2 epic EP releases each month. Up next we will feature Megablast, Ataman Live, Monophase (IT), Balata, Darksidevinyl, Ucha and many more.

We also plan to come out twice a year with a brilliant and outstanding compilation of various artists called Black Circle Vol 1. The album will feature 10 famous names in Afro House and Melodic Techno scene. Accompanying this major album release and already active is our brand new and hot Podcast on Soundcloud called “Black Circle Podcast” on Soundcloud, where we feature twice a month a 1 hour mix of Afro inspired electronic music of those great artists that will be releasing on our very exclusive album.

Furthermore, we are starting to run our own Black Circle events in Vienna as well as abroad, where we present the artists from the Black Circle album releases. Looking forward to welcome Darksidevinyl. Balata, Djuma Soundsystem, Megablast, Inessa and many more.

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