“There is an art behind creating mixtapes” – Chamelio 3000 releases his new mixtape “Indietronica Express”


trndmsk: What is the message behind your new mix “Indietronica Express”?

Chamelio 3000: I grew up in the 80s where we were recording mixtapes with cassettes and sharing them was an important part of the scene and our friendship. The ‘Indietronica Express’ is like a time machine but with new indie tracks. We travel back to the 80s but we are dancing in 2020.

How do you create a mixtape?

Flow and authenticity matters. I am always trying to tell a story. All my mixtapes comes from my heart, from experiences and elements of my life. I love to transport good vibes to the audience and the dance floor. In my opinion there is an art behind creating mixtapes. DJs with great mixtapes should be also recognized by the scene.

Why did you select Indie as an genre?

We play Indie and Disco for many years at our gigs and parties. People love 80s touched indie music. At our “DANSE AVEC MOI” parties and also on my gigs we call our sound “No escalation music”. Nobody is waiting here for a drop. Our music is like a wonderful feeling.