The Toxic Avenger dropps new single “Lies” from his upcoming album

The Toxic Avenger-LIES Artwork_web

Finally – The Toxic Avenger from France presents his first single “Lies” from the upcoming album “Midnight Resistance” on Enchanté Records. And he brings the outstanding Look Mum No Computer as feature guest.

And one notice immediately that the two modular synth freaks were born to create an incredibly catchy track together. Pop meets electro-punk on a wonderfully pulsating orchestration, rushes through the night and unleashes a stable and intoxicating refrain.

“To be honest, I am working in a very instinctive way, so i’m not overthinking too much when i’m creating!
I wanted the song “Lies” to sound like my own little stadium anthem and I also wanted to pay an hommage to the thing i liked back when MGMT release their 1st album,” says The Toxic Avenger.

The sound of the modular synths can be experienced in all parts and gives the whole single “Lies” a very special drive and warm sound experience down to the last pore.

The Toxic Avenger: “The Modular Synths does affect my sound a lot – it’s a wonderful tool to search for a particular sound! And it’s a bit like a palette for a painter, i got all the elements, and then mixed them up well to see what will come up! My fav module of all time might be Basimilus iteritas, by Noiseengineering (USA). Such a versatile module I used it a lot for my snappy basslines. With everything Mutable instrument does I’m also in love.”

The collaboration with Look Mom No Computer led to an impressive outcome – “Lies” has really become a melodic electro-punk masterpiece with a slight touch of pop. The Toxic Avenger: “It was a bit like ‘Doing-a-collab-while-in-containment’. No, I am just kidding. I’am a fan of everything Sam – Look Mum No Computer – does. No question, he’s a crazy ass genius so I was super happy to have him on board for my fourth album coming up on Enchanté Records end of may.”

“Midnight Resistance” will be out on May 29th.