Huminal on Circles & Stones: „The overall concept behind this EP is that it showcases the diversity in our sound“

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Electronic duo, Paul Deetman and Jelle Jansen have created something truly unique through their Huminal soubriquet. With an ability to transform listeners into another world with their aural artwork – mixing organic, analogue sounds and crisp rhythmic forms on a vivid sonic palette – the Dutch masters consistently produce dynamic and inspiring works that have lit up electronic music. From their Amsterdam home, the duo’s techno, progressive house and electronica heritage is reflected in the distinctive melodies that infuse their work with trademark elegance and flair.

In this May the duo will release a new EP on Circles & Stones: „The Echo of Us“.

trndmsk: „The Echo of Us“ is quite a diverse EP that showcases three very different tracks. Was there an overall concept or general feeling behind the vibe & mood of the tracks?

All three tracks were written at different times, when we were searching for new creative paths, and therefore resulted in three different stories. The overall concept behind this EP is that it showcases the diversity in our sound. We’d get really bored if we were to make the same type of track every time, so we always try to push each other to come up with something „new“. We get a lot of positive energy from producing new sounds and grooves.

The tracks on this EP and in general reveal a lot of details and depth in terms of sound and production. Is there a recipe you always follow or certain instruments and samples you rely on when you produce?

We often start a track with a broad sound palette. Sometimes inspiration comes from jamming with our Moog Sub 37 or Prophet Rev 2, but it can also be a sample from an old vinyl record that we completely stretch and warp to make something completely new out of it. Once the sound palette is done and we have a good idea of where the track should go, we start arranging things pretty quickly. It is important for us to work fast because once the creative door is open you want to let everything out. For this reason we’ve build an Ableton template that allows us to add percussion elements quite easily. We have a lot of self recorded samples of percussion elements which really helps us to build tracks efficiently. On top of that we often use field recordings (city noise or sounds from a forest or cave) to add a little bit of analogue imperfection.

You have released on many labels such as Traum, Manual Music, Proton & Einmusika amongst others. How did your collaboration with Circles & Stones come about?

In the beginning of this year we found out that the label owners of C&S, Caleesi and Sarah Kreis, had been supporting our music for some time, playing our tracks at Fusion and Burning Man to name a few. We received a lot of messages from fans who were really excited about our music and we wanted to follow all this positive energy and connect with Caleesi & Sarah. After listening to the previous EP they released on C&S and some of the mixes they had put out we were really eager to work with them.

Now that events are cancelled everywhere, did you have the chance to test the tracks before the shutdown happened?

Unfortunately we were not able to test it before this whole shutdown happened, but we did play it in a livestream we did recently.

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