Yarosslav’s new track „Ahead Of Time“ is part of Rituel Recordings‘ compilation „Summer Days“

The french brothers Yarosslav are back on Rituel Recordings label with a new summer Indie release, „Ahead Of Time“ highlights again the great work from the duo Anton (vocals/guitars) and Viktor (percussions). This song was made during the pandemic period, the boys finalized and added the last touches when the world was on lockdown.

Yarosslav press 2020 (1)

Structured by a restrained rythm of percussions which leads us to a unique desertic ballad, „Ahead Of Time“ is composed of amazing guitar rifs and mesmerizing touch variations of keyboard synthethizers, completed by a vision of hope through the vocals.

The track is part of the compilation „Summer Days (Vol.1)“. The collection including music from Dunwich & Nigan, Harry Charles, Raw Main, Yarosslav, Tryangle Man, and Wanduta.


trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Yarosslav: Being stuck at home doing music made us realize how cool it is to be able to travel around and showcase our music. The inspiration for the track comes from this desire to push things even further when everything comes back to normal. We took the time to reflect on what we should be in the future and how we want things to play out.

Where did you record it? And how?

We recorded the track at our home studio in Paris in the 9th district. We started by recording several takes of some hypnotic guitar chords, layered them, added a groove and then we had the base we started jamming on and recording more stuff.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

We are long time friends with the label’s owner Alex, who has been a strong support for us from the very beginning.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

After the release we are planning on releasing a second single that we have recorded during the lockdown.
We also are in the process of organizing a live recording in a very cool place.

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