Pretty Pink launched her second label called DEEP WOODS

Pretty Pink is one of the most successful artists in the field of deep melodic and tech house. Her productions are released on labels like Suara, Armada Deep and Universal. But she is also internationally acclaimed for her melodic and deep sound behind the decks. The artist from the Harz Mountains is not only taking the clubs and festivals by storm with her productions and remixes, but also the Beatport charts and streams regularly on Twitch.

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trndmsk: You have just launched your second label called DEEP WOODS. How did it come about?

Pretty Pink: With WANDERLUST I already have a platform on which I publish my own productions as well as tracks of internationally renowned and upcoming artists. Behind DEEP WOODS is my live radio show, which can be seen and heard on Twitch, YouTube, Spotify and many other formats. With this new label I want to give my love for deep melodic and at the same time progressive productions more space and the possibility to grow.

How have the first releases been received?

The DJ feedback was already very impressive and the fans‘ reactions to the tracks are also positive. The first release was Neil Richter and Lynnic with his Hypnoticy EP. The recently released second EP includes four great tracks by Hillmann & Neufang and Kevin Paul.

You used to play every weekend, your festival summer with gigs like on Tomorrowland was almost fully booked. How do you keep contact to the fans now?

No doubt, I try to communicate a lot with my fans and followers through my social media channels. With my live stream on Twitch this works especially well and I also gain a lot of inspiration and creativity from the sessions.

And what else is on your agenda?

Besides the Live Stream Sessions, my work on the two labels and the promo, I spend a lot of time in the studio. My new single „Sex, Drugs, Crowd Control“ has just been released on Smash Deep.

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