Viktor Talking Machine releasing new remix “Reincarnations” on Vinyl

Viktor Talking Machine dig deep into the catacombs of their residence and bring three of their rare remixes to light. They unite Acid Pauli, Super Flu and Mooryc on the black gold. These three official “reincarnations” are pressed onto vinyl in a limited edition and finished by hand using an upcycling process with old vinyl sleeves and silkscreen printing. Vinyl pressed in France and the covers handcrafted in Germany – enjoyed worldwide. All three remixes impress with the irresistible charm of VIKTOR TALKING MACHINE and their feeling for the authentic and a special house groove. The vinyl will be the first release on their new label Viktor Records.

trndmsk: You have just launched your label called Viktor Records. How did it come about?

Viktor Talking Machine: As you know, we prefer vinyl as our favorite medium. So each time we played and we felt it was time for one of those beauties, it felt wrong to not having it on black gold. So we decided to print them on our own and fort hat, we needed the label and after this Viktor Records was born.

Making of_Reincarnations Vinyl (1)

So you managed to bring your essential and official remixes for Acid Pauli, Super Flu and MooryC from Sonar Kollektiv on one record – but what’s the story about the manufacturing of the sleeves?

All tracks on one record … that’s true and it sounds really nice, saying it loud. The tracks are remixes, so we thought of showing that in the cover. So we used old sleeves, mostly old east German records and silk screen printed them on our own with our graphic. The cover becomes a remix too. At the end we had 200 unique, limited, hand stamped records.

How did you choose the title “Reincarnations”? Is there a special meaning behind it?

We worked so long on the tracks and to release them on vinyl, that it felt like a Reincarnation of the songs. And the great DJ Koze remix album has the same name … so we thought we are in good company.

Making of_Reincarnations Vinyl (3)

What’s up next after the vinyl release? What are your near future projects?

We keep on fighting. The situation for us is bad as fuck, but we never had much money, so at the moment it feels still okay for us. Producing tracks and sets, without the people isn’t satisfying, but we push us daily and work on new stuff and ideas.

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