Andreas Henneberg: “”All Right Now” is my third solo album and I already knew how time and energy consuming this process will be”

Andreas Henneberg drops new single “Better” from his upcoming album “All Right Now”. We talked with him about his release.

trndmsk: “Better” is the first single from your new album “All Right Now” being released in november 2020 on your label SNOE. What inspired you to produce the track and the upcoming album?

Andreas Henneberg: One of my best friends and colleague Stefan Krogmann and I have been doing music since 2002. Every time we make music together we surprise each other, we never know exactly what the outcome will be. I asked him to have a jam session at my studio in Berlin and we wrote 2 tracks in one day. Both tracks made it to my upcoming album and one of them is “Better”.

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Sacha Robotti has contributed a fantastic remix – what connects you with the artist?

Sacha and I are both born in Berlin. We grew up with the same circumstances and all the weird things that happened at this time in Berlin after the wall fell. We played a lot of shows together before he decided to move to the United States and start from the scratch. From time to time we meet at events in Hawaii or Los Angeles or somewhere in the desert. It’s always a pleasure to see him and I think he misses Berlin and likes to talk German from time to time. So then.. I asked him to remix the track and he said „hell yes!“.
And how long did it take you to produce the upcoming album and what can you already tell us about it?

“All Right Now” is my third solo album and I already knew how time and energy consuming this process will be. I had a South & North America tour from Christmas until beginning of March 2020 and decided to take a few weeks off to produce my album afterwards. My head was full of ideas and I already did some little sketches when I got to the studio. 2 Days later we had the lockdown here in Germany and my gig-calendar for the rest of the year got cancelled within 1 week. That was pretty depressing and I nearly shit my pants to be honest. It took me 2 weeks to accept the situation and understand that there is nothing I can do about it. So I locked my self in the studio for 2 months and produced an album cause suddenly I had tons of time and zero distraction. Yay.

The result are 16 tracks. All of them actually made for the dance floor. Not an easy listening album for a relaxed evening on the couch with a glass of red wine. In my heart i’m a DJ and i’m playing very functional and percussive dance music. This album is made to be played (some day).

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

Actually very good. For the most of our colleagues it’s a very relaxed time at the moment. A normal sleep cycle and seeing family and friends on the weekends is fantastic. I got a few life-years back I guess. On the other hand it’s a catastrophe for the music industry, the scene and their economy in general. In Germany you get zero money from the state if you are a self-employed artist. Nothing, people are angry and lot’s of them either went bankrupt already or are getting close to it. Like all of us, I’m just waiting for the day we can dance together again.

You did a 15-hour live stream with your own productions some weeks ago – how do you manage that?

My idea was to pull up a live-stream for “Desert Hearts“ and only play my own productions. So I went to the studio digging in the archives. What I found was a huge bunch of unreleased tracks. The oldest one was from 1998. I found so much music which I already totally forgot about. My USB stick was loaded with around 3000 of my own tracks I did in the past 20+ years.

Anyway, the plan was to do a 3 – 4 hour stream and play some old productions.  At the end I had over 3 million unique views and constantly around 20.000 people watching. This is a football stadium full of people and there is no way to stop playing when soooo many people are watching and the comment section is about to explode. 
Well, after 15 hours and 30 minutes my body said STOP PLEASE! 
How will you spend your time until the album release? 
As long as the weather is good over here in Berlin I’ll spend some days at the lake and enjoy some quality time with my family & my girl. I’m still working a lot in my studio with other projects. I’m also running an audio-mastering service that keeps me pretty busy: Releasing an album is not done with making music. It takes a lot of time and effort to make people aware of it in these content over-flooded times. Writing interviews like this for example.

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