Luca Musto launches new label and drops „Restless“ EP

Luca Musto not only releases his new inspiring EP called „Restless“, but also launches his own label Rare Affair. We talked to the enthusiastic of soul, jazz and blues, who has a special feeling for slow house and warm comfortable beats.

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trndmsk: You have just launched your label called Rare Affair. How did it come about?

Luca Musto: Back in my Hip-Hop days I actually used to run several labels, recording and producing artists even from different genres. That’s been mad fun and my first experiences with A&R, marketing and dropping records. But this time around it felt logical to finally make this step for my own project, as well since it’s getting more important for me to release music on an more frequent level, without compromises but – most importantly – with my own vision in mind: merging Hip-Hop and Rap with electronic music and especially downtempo.

How did you choose the titles „Restless“ and „Priscillo“? What’s the meaning behind?

Ever since this corona crisis started I locked myself down in the studio, making beats all day and all night long. I realized how restless I felt during this process of creating, without any outcome in mind like playing tours again or being on the radar of people. It felt amazing to be able to do this just for the creating part itself, it’s still a privilege.
So, the meaning behind those tracks is simply: we all should focus on what really matters and drives us right now. And for me, as producer in the first place, it’s always been about music.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster to me. I miss playing my music for people, I guess all producers do. On the other side, I spent a lot of time with my girl, friends and family – obviously way more than in the past years, so this was heartwarming and also needed. It helped me a lot to realize several things.

But, of course, it’s still a struggle to survive now, so I keep on grinding, like all of us do. Like I said, I tried to be as creative as possible so I had my last vinyl release on Laut & Luise, recorded several Live-Sets and worked on a lot of remixes to stay in some kind of flow and shape, to not get completely mad in 2020.

What’s up next after the release? What are your near future projects?
I’m working on my first studio album, which includes a lot of new ideas with my own vocals and lyrics. There’re several collaborations with Iorie, Coss, Arutani, Florian Rietze and El Mundo in the works as well.

Also, I remixed the Parisian duo Yarosslav and Australian artist The Oddness, both remixes are dropping in the next few weeks. Finally and as a cherry on top for teasing you guys, I’ll release a new record on Moodfamily early next year.

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