Trinidad announce their debut album „Palm Trees and 30 Degrees“

Following the release of a number of EPs on labels in Switzerland, Germany,
England and Australia, Trinidad will release their debut album „Palm Trees and 30 Degrees“ on XX 2020. The album builds on the Swiss-based trios chimed with aim of Trinidad to create a composition equally capable of sustaining the energy of a festival crowd as providing the background to a quiet summer evening with friends.


The project provided an opportunity for the trio to draw upon a range of musical influences, blending together a mix of synthesizers with the haunting tones of a church organ and regality of an opera singer. The album grew organically, with inspiration taking hold beyond the confines of the studio: the bonus track recorded with a Jamaican reggae singer in the back of a VW bus in Greece.

The soft kiss of a warm breeze hits you as you adjust to your new surroundings („Desembarco“); leaving the static chatter of your thoughts behind in the „lobby“ (feat. MonoAbe) of your mind; you allow yourself to imagine what the evening holds in store (“Kopf Kino”); But first, there’s a drink in the “Sunset Bar”, a refreshing cocktail „Luciola“ that serves as a gateway for you to plunge into the night. A night of unlimited possibilities, the first instances a blur („Sagrada“), as time starts to lose its meaning, („Tempus Fugit“); everything spins, everything is possible, everything is („Elevate“). Suddenly, hours or is it days have passed – it doesn’t matter – what matters is the first sign of dawn, the unmistakable warmth dissolving the darkness (“Alma”); the beat slows, and you feel „Liberation“ of the new day; looking around you see the moments you’ve shared etched on the faces of your friends („Fleeting“ feat. Julia Portmann); It is not goodbye, it is only „AU Revoir“.

The album was produced by Trinidad in their own studios in Bern and Zurich. The album features collaborations with a number of artists: Cornelia Aeschbaer Firmin (Hang), MonoAbe (Mallets & Percussion), Jack Williams (text by „Fleeting), Julia Portmann (vocals), Zenyth (vocals) and Michael Meier (electric bass). The songs were mixed by Marcel Schneider, mastered by Benjamin Fay. Raïssa Lütolf was responsible for the graphic design.