Ghetto-House-Vibes, 80ies flavours, and independent music – Juki P2 release “Eternal Love”

“Eternal Love” is the first single coming from the newly formed audio visual Swiss Band Juki P2. An exhilarating energetic production rooted in pumping Ghetto-House-Vibes, 80ies flavours, independent music and driven four-on-the-flour attitudes. We talked about the project in a short interview, with producer and singer Pamela Mendez,also known for her activism in the fields of gender equality and equality in general organizing events, and workshops in her hometown, Bern Switzerland.

Juki P2

Photo: Laura Kaufmann

trndmsk: “Eternal Love” is your debut single being released on your your own label. What inspired you to produce the track?

Juki P2: I just wanted to make a track about ways human beings can try to escape from the complexity of reality. So I tried to find a vibe that is almost to simple in it’s positivity. Producing the track we did manny things that we would otherwise consider as no-goes like arpeggiators being applied almost throughout all of the track. It was funny as hell.

You have a very unique and tempo-driven sound. What influences do you have and where is your project going?

Well, sound wise the task at Juki P2s hand is to make tracks about societal issues and positive human relationships that you can actually dance to. Rolemodels being people like Gwen McCrae, Prince or Barry White. But instead of being retro we try to find an expression that speaks in the language of 2020. Eternal Love is one of the simples and most positive tracks we have. All our tracks are made to move to but we are very much also into darker and more psychedelic vibes. This aesthetically.

Our general vision for ourselves is to become something like an Octopus for dance and electronic music. Our dream would be to e represented on the dance floor but to also work on abstract and artsy noise projects, play DJ Sets, do Remixes and play amazing audiovisual Liveshows. This is our goal.

And how did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

We all already worked part-time as music teachers and graphic designers before the pandemic started, so even if we all lost money, we are all save. Less money but more time to create. Not the worst state to be in tbh. We know we are extremely lucky and our deepest compassion to all artists and people in existential situations!

And what else is on your agenda?

We prepare for our first EP to be released in Spring 2021, continue on writing songs, work on visual content and keep developing our cultural understanding of Chicago Footwork.

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