„I always try to find new music and I also love to help new faces to be heard“ – Mira release her compilation „43 Katzen… tanzen auf’m Tisch“

This year Mira’s party series „43 Katzen… tanzen auf’m Tisch“ will be a compilation of some of the amazing artists from the past ten years, and even some of the new faces she would have booked this year. We talked with Mira about the collection.


Photo: Carolin Saage

trndmsk: Mira, you will celebrate your birthday soon. A compilation will be released to go with it. What and who can we look forward to?

Mira: Actually I won’t celebrate my birthday this year. This is simply impossible during a worldwide pandemic. But curating a compilation instead was a good compensation and I’m very excited about it.

I requested artists related to the line up of my annual event series and eventually got 43 (plus1) tracks. They are all amazing and pretty special. Listening to them it almost feels like they were made for a very special reason and that’s fantastic and I feel very honored! And this definitely is something to celebrate.

The compilation is divided in two sections that represent the identity of Kater Blau and my event „Katzen auf’m Tisch“. I put the tracks in an order that reminds me of the real nights and days of the party. So it either works as a concept album to listen to in one piece and also with the single tracks to play in a club context.

How long did it take you to collect the compilation?

To be honest I started way too late. I think it was 4 weeks ago that I sent out all the requests to the artists. But luckily the feedback was phenomenal and every artist reacted quite quickly. So after ten days it became obvious that I could hit the 43 which would have been the name of the event this year.

What connects you with the artists?

A good half of them are longterm friends, they played every year at the Katzen event, we know each other for such a long time, saw each other growing, some of them played their very first official DJ- or live set at my event – so I’m pretty close to most of them. The other half I’ve „collected“ during my travels or got recommended by friends that I trust. I always try to find new music and I also love to help new faces to be heard. The event is big and has a pretty international crowd, mixed with the typical Berlin crowd and the right amount of promoters, musicians, old and new friends. So eventually, after so many years, it doesn’t matter too much, which line up I’ll, announce. The people happen to trust my curation and and just listen and dance which is beautiful.

What inspired you to release a compilation?

I’ve been wondering for a while now how I can make up for the missed year – streams already feel a bit outdated, and you just can’t imagine the vibe of the event without actually being there, getting beautifully lost in those days and nights, hugging old friends and making new ones. You can’t even explain that feeling, so you definitely can’t live-stream it. This is how the idea was born. In the beginning I thought it would not be possible to make it in time but Peter Schumann from Kiosk I.D. – the Kater Blau in-house label – said „C’mon we have almost 6 weeks from now, we can make it“ and so we got it started.

We also have a lockdown light here in Berlin and the people tend to have more time to listen to an album. And, after all, I guess I also needed a winter project somehow.

I had an amazing team working with me for this solidarity project. Besides Peter, who is in charge of the labels paperworks and the coordination with the mastering and distribution, I involved my dear friend Mila Stern for the whole Social Media part and Niki Sadeki from Vancouver takes care of the premieres. Both always had an open ear for me and were happy to provide advice and assistance. We called it our transatlantic task force.

How was the feedback so far for the collection?

The feedback is amazing. Everyone is super excited about it. I started the whole thing with a little PR stunt to draw as much attention as possible and created an event on Facebook dated for Dec 1st which would have been the 1st day after the lockdown. This worked pretty well especially after I announced the „line up“. 5 days later I let the cat out of it’s bag and told them „hey it’s going to be an anniversary album – it’s not a party“. Luckily people loved it anyways.

Especially the supporting part: the Bandcamp revenue goes 100% to Kater Blau, so all the artists are gifting their tracks in the beginning, to support the club survive corona lockdown. Isn’t it cool?

How will you spend your time until the compilation release?

Currently I work between 10-14 hours a day for the compilation at the moment. I coordinate everything with mastering, the label management, the artists, my social media team, the premieres manager and and and. It’s like herding cats but also so much fun. After that we start with radio interviews, we will do a BlueSunday special at Keimzelle Blau about the VA, we plan a takeover at Pure FM at the weekend where my event would have taken place and several other radio features with Flux FM, Aire Libre Mexico and Ibiza Sonica.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

Already in March I started a radio show for Kater Blau’s Keimzelle Blau together with my colleagues and dear friends Mila Stern, Billy Caso and Caleesi. Mila and I did almost 20 radio shows. This brought me out of bed and gave me motivation to start my day especially in April, May when there wasnt even a silver lining at the horizon. With the radio show I was also able to stay in contact with many friends I normally see during the festival season in summer and I really started to miss. I played four live streams even if this is not my fav thing to do – but I also feel kind of responsible for the people out there. To give them some kind of signal of being alive or maybe just entertain them, whatever. For the same reason I also uploaded many sets this year on SoundCloud. People need music. From mid July I was able to play here and there again and now I’m starting the next project. I love my work and don’t want to do anything else.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

The next step is trying to bring as many tracks as possible together in a mix which will be released on Kater Blau SoundCloud for Christmas and in January I will start a crowdfunding for the vinyl to have a physical release as well :)
Besides that I will go back into the studio with my partner Christopher Schwarzwalder to finally work on our EP again. I won’t make any further plans currently, since 2020 taught me you’ll only get disappointed if you look forward to something for too long.

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