Pretty Pink returns with „Come Back“ on Anjunabeats

Pretty Pink is not only back with a new and exciting release on the UK label Anjunabeats, but now also presents its new weekly radio show DEEP WOODS on sunhine live.

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Photo: Pretty Pink

trndmsk: How did you choose the title of the single? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Pretty Pink: For most of my tracks the titles are already created in the studio. When I work on a melody, the arrangement or the drums, I often think of first titles from which the final track names are created. With „Come Back“, however, it was different – here I chose the title after the vocals were recorded in the studio. I think the title fits the mood of the track perfectly and is the exemplary description of the situation right now, I believe that all will „come back“ to us the clubbing, festivals very soon.

What inspired you to produce the track?

During the last months I spent a lot of time in the studio and worked on different tracks. Before Corona I often found my inspiration during my travels and gigs, now I get my influences from nature. I go out into the green as often as possible and get ideas – just like I did for „Come Back“.

How and why did you choose the record label?

On Anjuna I have already released a remix and I have also released some podcasts. I really love the label and their output. My track „Come Back“ just fitted the sound very well and I am glad to have the release with them. I think this is a perfect place for the track.

You have a new own radio show called „Deep Woods“ on Sunshine Live – how did it come about?

I have been doing my DEEP WOODS radio show for some time in cooperation with several well-known international stations. Especially during the lockdown I streamed the show live via Twitch and on my other social media channels. But I always wanted to do my show on a solid German radio station and therefore I am happy about the cooperation with sunshine live and the up to 1 million listeners per hour. Deep Woods on sunshine live will now run every Wednesday from 19.00 to 20.00.

What’s on your agenda lately?

I have just released a new podcast on Electronic Groove. It’s a special mix that is supposed to take people a little bit away. For me there is nothing more beautiful than music and groove. So I hope that people can use it to switch off for an hour, dance at home and just feel happy. Recently my two tracks FLUDORA were released on my label Wanderlust and FLOW on my new label Deep Woods. And in December „Taste your Love“ will be released on Found Frequencies.

The most important thing now is not to stand still. But to do what you love.

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