Teenage Mutants release „Follow Me“ EP – „It just shows the sounds and style we really are into at this very moment“


„Follow Me“ is the second release to be published by Tragedie, the brand new label created by German-duo Teenage Mutants. On this EP the German producer stay true to their development effectiveness principles, which are intertwines the sounds of Melodic and cavernous Deep with the muscles of Techno music. As usual, late night driving tunes at an infectious speed with crisp percussion adding bite. They have a unique ability to genre-blend while maintaining a signature sound. Let’s receive with a very open mind the stunning ’nightosphere‘ of the fantastic two!

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Teenage Mutants: To tell the truth, nothing specific. It just shows the sounds and style we really are into at this very moment. After 7 years of releasing music from deep to tech house, from melodic techno to peak time techno – we had all chances to explore our music. At the moment we focus only on techno. In this particular release, same with the previous “What We Think” along Giorgia Angiuli, you will feel a mix between techno and melodic parts.
Where did you record it? And how?

Our new EP has been entirely produced where we use to compose actually all our new stuff, at our home studio, and with Ableton Live 10 as the main tool. It’s a very inspiring DAW and we’re very used to composing with it.
How did you choose the title of the EP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

„Follow Me“ is a message to all techno lovers to join our way of techno and open their minds for a new spectrum of sounds. For us, everything we do when creating a new label, when occupying a DJ booth for a session, absolutely everything it’s just about the music. Music for the people!
How did you get in contact with the record label?

Well it was really easy and simple, Tragedie it’s our label! J The imprint was formed by us (Teenage Mutants) and Ersin Akgül (head of VERBOTEN Agency). The main idea was to release our music as much as we want without any limitations or restrictions from other labels. With Tragedie, we are in full creative control. In short, feel with a little bit more of freedom, which is great.

What would you say sets Tragedie apart from other labels? 

I think in general most labels have the same goals – become the best sold and most famous one? For us, it’s just about the music. If we don’t become famous that’s ok – as long we get good feedback and our music gets heard.

Is it important for artists to develop their own brand or label right now?

I don’t know what time should be good to start a label. If you take a look at the sales part, the current situation won’t help to get good sales. We had some creative fights with our labels to be honest – they wouldn’t let us release the music that we feel and love, and sent totally simple feedback that we felt just wouldn’t work. With Tragedie, we are in full creative control.

How was the feedback so far?

They are really good. We’ve found out how much our followers and listeners are excited for this second release on the label. After all, we all give each other feedback, right? We’re eager to create new sounds when perceiving such a good mass reaction.

The music industry has been heavily impacted by the pandemic – has the current situation caused you to change your label launch strategy at all?

Not really. We set up the idea end of 2019 and the only thing that changed was our budget for the label. We cut it by around 25%. 
What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

For 2020 we are done. Well, there is an EP in early December of our track with Giorgia Angiuli “What We Think” with a couple of remixes by Oscar L and Lunar Plane. And then 2021 will bring a lot of new stuff, look very promising, but we can’t talk about at the moment.

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