„I’ve been working on the track since the beginning of the pandemic“ – Masi Kohestani releases „Meteora“

This year Masi Kohestani already drew attention to his music with his debut „Untold“ on Eye And Eye Recordings. Now he is returning to the realm of Melodic Techno music with a very profound track called „Meteora“. The EP features outstanding remixes by Solarquest and More Than Human which should not be missing on any DJ playlist.


trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the track?

Masi Kohestani: Unfortunately, working hours are often a secret and we don‘t really talke about that. But the time can‘t be expressed in days or months either. It is a development with different stations such as new ideas, changes, progress, setbacks and also new beginnings, until you are satisfied with the product yourself. Basically, I’ve been working on the track since the beginning of the pandemic.

I built the basic module myself with the Ableton program and then refined, revised and expanded the whole thing with a music producer and good friend. He has a lot more experience with Abelton and so the production was easier and faster.
But you shouldn’t start from classic ghost production, he realized MY ideas together with me. I always think it’s a shame, that such a big secret is made out of getting help with the production.

How did you choose the title of the track? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Basically you can already hear the meteroite out. When I hear my sound, I think of something that comes down from above. But not like an controlled airplane. The meteorite cannot be influenced by us, like so much currently feels. The enormous energy and fire of the meteorite also inspired me. And yet I tried to incorporate a feminine vibe and light-footed beats with the elegance of a pretty woman. Meteora. Beautiful and destructive at the same time.

But that’s not the only thing I want to express with the track. In my music videos, I present myself with “Closed” signs. The message is as easy to understand as it is profound. I want, that the people don’t forget the music and good humor. We are about to have the sad anniversary of three hundred days of club closure.

Cover Meteora

What inspired you to produce it? And where and how did you produce it?

Our situation, the corona pandemic inspired me. The song was produced everywhere I went and through a lot of what I experienced. I had the ideas in a wide variety of places, on the way to work or to the bakery, at home on the couch, in all such everyday places. But if you are interested in the exact geographic location, then it is my studio at Ostbahnhof.

How did the remixes come about?

Several remixes were suggested to me by the production label and with “More than Human” and “Solarquest” something nice came out, that I really enjoyed working with.

How was the feedback so far?

There hasn’t been much yet, the album is yet to be released. But I’ve already shown the song to some friends and of course their opinion is important to me. But at the end of the day it depends on the crowd outside, what they think and feel when they hear one of my songs. And unfortunately I still have to wait for this feedback.

How and why did you choose the record label?

It is always important to me to support regional projects and they also support me. I also get on great with Mark Tarmonea because I share his philosophy and I’m a big fan of his music. He is very professional and I feel in good hands with him, both personally and musically.

How will you spend your time until the release?

With my team from the Bullitt Community, we are always working to promote art and music. I still have a little work to do this week.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

I always had different jobs that kept me afloat.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

I’m planning a lot of events and parties for 2021, I’m particularly looking forward to an open air event that I will organize. Unfortunately, all of that is hard to plan at the moment. I just hope that the future and the upcoming New Year will bring a lot of positive news.

When I look into the future now, of course, I wish us all all the best and that we survive the pandemic well, not only because of the celebration but also especially because of our health. And that’s why my main plan is first of all to enjoy life as much as possible.

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