Zigan Aldi debuts with „Odin“ on Souq Records

Zigan Aldi Souq

Swept away by Zigan Aldi. The „Odin“ EP brews with Souq Record’s traditional smoky desert flavours, evoked by Eastern instruments meeting electronica. Yet the EP is quick to cut through expectations and take a resolutely urban, robust direction: moody takeoffs, low rumbling vocals, a guitar’s singing electricity, heady bass-lines, and enveloping darkness. Odin flirts with melodic techno but never fully gives in to its calls, riding the tension between organic and electric.

Zigan Aldi debuts on Souq with this statement EP, infused with his two homes of Eastern Turkey and Berlin. His atmospheric narrative is three part: Odin rises, Heppnar strikes, Desert Hills simmers down. Three smouldering remixes by Iorie, Zuma Dionys and Namito land the story on softer tracks, completing the picture with elegance.

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