A firework like no other – Schtu’s latest EP „Laberinto“ on Wildfang Music


Schtu is back with a hot EP called „Laberinto“. The eponymous main track is a firework like no other. Packed with atmospheric synthetics, pumping basslines, crackling percussions and an earworm synth lead. This beautiful track sweeps you into Schtu’s world of neo-avantgarde sonic art and lets you explore the maze of dreams.

Gespona is now on everyone’s lips and also on Wildfangmusic already a member of the regulars table! His remix leaves nothing to be desired and underlines the whole thing with a good pinch of darkness. We are not accustomed to anything other than high quality ear candy from this gentleman.

Also the B-Side is produced in the tingling Schtu-Style. Sirens lets the synapses dance and rumbles through with a good cut-off on the synthline ! Whether warm-up or peaktime, this part makes the sirens sound and drives you into ecstasy.

This Is Not A Dream picks up the maze mood again and swirls the tangled synths through the maze and back again. This finale is definitely worth listening to. A bit quieter and more subtle but just as driving.


Interview with Schtu:

trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the tracks?

Schtu: Funnily enough the answer to that is wildly different depending on which track we’re talking about. Laberinto and This Is Not A Dream are two really old tracks of mine which I started probably 3 or 4 years ago. I have a lot of tracks from that time, but was never able to finish them because I wasn’t good enough at mixing to do them justice. Last year I ended up revisiting a bunch of old tracks though and finally finishing them off, which took just a day or two of mixing for each one.

Sirens on the other hand is a newer track, although also a year or two old now, and I actually smashed that whole one out – start to finish – in a single sitting. To date, that’s the one and only time I’ve ever made a complete track in just one day.

How did you choose the title of the EP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Not really! When I was mixing Laberinto last year I had just rewatched the film Pan’s Labyrinth (original title El Laberinto del Fauno) and I thought the Spanish word Laberinto had a cool ring to it. Nothing more than that!

What inspired you to produce the tracks?

Honestly, just the sort of music I like to play in my sets. Whenever I DJ I try and strike a balance between playing the stuff I love the most while still making sure it’s stuff I know will go down well. And in my experience, the crossover of the two tends to be tunes with nice synths and catchy melodies, but with enough emphasis on low end to still pack a punch on a big system.

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

In my home studio. I use Ableton together with a few hardware synths (Moog Sub 37, Nord Lead 2, Prophet Rev2), plus a lot of u-he’s Diva softsynth. I use the Slate bundle for mixing and the rest is mostly just stock Ableton plugins.

How did the collaborations for remixes come about?

I think Gespona had already released on the label before, so was in contact with the Wildfang crew because of that. They asked him, and he did the remix!

How was the feedback so far?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play it in any clubs yet, for obvious reasons. I did include Laberinto in a podcast I did recently for Verteiler though, but you can’t quite gauge the reaction to tracks in online mixes like you can when playing them in a club! I think someone did comment something positive on that bit of the mix though, so I guess that’s the most I can ask for at the moment.

How and why did you choose the record label?

I like the music they release, I like the artwork, and they don’t release too often. I feel like when labels put something out every week or two, it’s hard to get those releases the recognition they sometimes deserve.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

Honestly, I feel incredibly privileged that corona hasn’t actually had that much of an impact on my day-to-day life. I’m someone who spends a lot of time at home or in the studio anyway, either making music or checking out the new releases from my favourite labels and buying records etc. So I’ve been able to continue with all my passions and interests almost completely unaffected by the pandemic.

Of course, I don’t get to DJ anymore, but I was never relying on that as my main source of income anyway. So I feel very lucky that just straight up not being able to party or play records in clubs has been the worst of my worries in a time which has obviously been absolutely awful for a lot of people, in a much more significant way.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

A lot, actually! The main thing for me right now is the launching of my own label, Casomat. I’ve already got a bunch of music from both myself and several other artists, including some names I’m really really excited to be able to have on the label, and we’re planning to have the first record out by late spring or early summer.

I’m also working on a live set at the moment, which will be performed and filmed in a beautiful abandoned sanitarium near Berlin for an upcoming video by the production crew Berlin Brothers.

On top of that, I am of course also working on new music! I have releases coming out on Weltn Audio and Möhre Rekorder in the coming weeks, and a whole bunch of new tunes which should hopefully be finding happy homes soon. So a message to any cool labels out there with release schedules to fill: get in touch!

Interview with Gespona:

trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the tracks?

Gespona: I would say the track was finished in 5 days in the studio around April 2020. I finished the mix down months after, and after testing it at some parties in Mexico, we did some changes on the master last January.

What inspired you to produce the remix?

I listened to 8-10 possible tracks to remix from the label but i knew instantly i wanted to remix Laberinto. I loved the sounds and the groove of the original and wanted to do my own version of it.

Where and how did you produce the version?

In my home studio in Barcelona. At that time i had no analogue gear with me, so did all the sounds with Diva, Digitone and Zebra.

How was the feedback so far?

I’m happy i was able to play it in some parties, track works in the club, and also got some cool support on the last Einmusika streaming from Skala.


How and why did you choose the record label?

I already had one EP to release at that time on Wildfang and as it was March 2020, i was locked down in my studio and was in for a remix.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

In the studio and of course i had to find a regular job outside music.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

Yes, i’m releasing a 3 track EP for Einmusika, planned for end May. Also I did some cool collab’s with my greek friend Nick Varon and also planning some with Amadori and Pysh for the next months. Right now i’m working on my third solo EP of the year after Katermukke and Einmusika, for our local crew CloseKnit.

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