GONE releases debut EP „Sources“ on Enchanté Records

GONE_web_ by Daniel Lima

Photo by Daniel Lima

GONE from Paris just released his debut EP „Sources“ on Enchanté Records. Four impressive tracks full of complexity, melodic techno avances and attention to detail. Spamming across the web of multiple universes, GONE takes an elegant and refined approach to create the complex set of rhythmic patterns found within „Sources“. Dancing amongst genres and lightly acknowledging each, the EP stands as a testament to the synth-fuelled sounds and deep rolling basslines that drive many a listener into a vibrant haze. Organic fuelled electronica at its finest.

trndmsk: What does GONE’s music make you think of?

GONE: GONE’s music is an escape. In front of my speakers, I often try to create a parallel universe, beyond the foreground instruments.

What is your studio equipment and the instrument you use the most in one sentence?

I mix analog and digital, the best of both worlds.

GONE’s images are quite abstract, is there a concept behind to follow?

Behind GONE there is a scenario, which you will soon discover, with SF and dark matter influences.

What are your stage projects (focus on live for example)?

Starting a musical adventure, I project myself all over the world. Sharing my world with as many people as possible is an absolute dream. I am also preparing a dark scenography, intrinsically linked to the history of GONE.

You sing on two tracks, is the vocals an arrangement in GONE or a place that will be confirmed on the next EPs?

Singing will take an important place in my music. Sources was a research laboratory for my future projects. I want to combine voice and music without one overriding the other.

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