Outro Podcast Episode 50 with Dario is out now


Since Episode One trndmsk supports Outro Podcast – an ambitious project which combines walking and driving videos through nightly atmospheres with laid back DJ sets of various genres.

It started with pre-recorded footage from Tokyo, New York, London and Madrid but with episode 20 the creator behind Outro, Dom Waits, started filming himself. Back then, he walked the deserted streets with a tiny action cam but already professionalised his hardware a year later with an upgrade to a Lumix S5 – able to shoot amazing night footage even in low light conditions.

The vision sharpened and the idea of Outro Podcast grew to not only present different styles but also to ask locals to play soundtracks for their very own cities. So far he filmed in Zurich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Sicily Leipzig, Dresden, Mainz and many other cities, now bringing his camera wherever he travels.

For Episode 50, Dom Waits collaborated with Dario from Berlin who contributed a laid back yet energetic mix for the series, a minimal deep tech and space house set of his very own partially unreleased tracks.

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